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The Sheppards' June 2020 Lockdown Update

The Sheppards' March 2020 Update

The Sheppards' December 2019 Prayer Letter

The Sheppards' September 2019 Update

The Sheppards' May 2019 Prayer Letter

The Sheppards' February 2019 Update

The Sheppards' December 2018 Update

The Sheppards' September 2018 Prayer Letter

The Sheppards' May 2018 Update

The Sheppards' February 2018 Prayer Letter

The Sheppards' Prayer Letter - October 2017

The Sheppards’ April 2017 Prayer Update

The Sheppards’ Christmas 2016 Update

Mark and Nancy Sheppards’ Sept. 2016 Update

Mark and Nancy Sheppards’ May 2016 Update

March 2016 Prayer Letter

The Sheppards’ December 2015 Update

Mark & Nancy Sheppards’ August 2015 Update

Mark and Nancy Sheppards’ June 2015 Update

Sheppards’ March 2015 Update

Sheppards’ January 2015 Update

Link to video of Mark and Nancy speaking at Fourth Baptist Church (Sept. 10, 2014)

Sheppards’ September 2014 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ July 2014 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ March 2014 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ Christmas 2013 Update

Sheppards’ October 2013 Ministry Update

Sheppards’ July 2013 Update + a free gift!

Sheppards’ May 2013 Update

Sheppards’ February 2013 Update

Sheppards’ November 2012 Update

Sheppards’ September 2012 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ May 2012 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ January 2012 Update

Sheppards’ November 2011 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ June 2011 Ministry Update

Sheppards’ April 2011 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ January 2011 Update

Sheppards’ December 2010 Prayer Letter

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August 2010 Update

Sheppards’ June 2010 Prayer Letter

“I Bet There Was a Standing Ovation for His Arrival!” April 12, 2010

Sheppards’ March 2010 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ Christmas 2009 Letter

Sheppards’ November 2009 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ July 2009 Prayer Letter

Sheppards’ April 2009 Prayer Letter